Spring Cleaning

https://i1.wp.com/www.lsrv.info/gary/Cartoon%20Grafics/0511-0712-2613-4123_Groundhog_Is_Ready_For_Springtime_clipart_image.jpgWith the recent Biblical-like flooding, it would be hard to argue spring is here in full yet. That said, I thought it was time to get some old topics and posts out of the way.

  • That post I did on predicting the future of the internet ended up with 170K+ hits. I spent so much of the last month interacting with new commenters that I ended up not posting anything new. Serious blog management fail. For what it’s worth, it was very cool to see the breakdown of comments between obvious, interesting, spam and all others. Hopefully some people stick around for other topics. Regular posting (with its tens of readers) will now commence.
  • I got a (somewhat) new job recently, based in Chicago. The company is a portfolio company of the firm I already worked for but it’s a very new position nonetheless. I am working on a new healthcare company that enables patients with certain diagnoses to be treated at home, instead of in the hospital. This not only has higher safety and patient satisfaction ratings, but it’s cheaper for the healthcare system too. The business model should work irrespective of the healthcare bill, but it was interesting to be working in the industry in the middle of all the debate (there were no Tea Party protests in any patient homes, fortunately).
  • Commuting halfway across the country affords one with the opportunity to see close up views of the TSA, airports, and people of all types. Things I’ve encountered will surely be a topic of future posts. In the meantime, my time away from my loved ones is partially offset by an obscene amount of airline and hotel reward points. Yippee.
  • A lot happened in the world since I last posted. Since I love politics, it would be nice if the country did not rip itself to shreds via Washington. Appreciate it.
  • Passover happened. I went to two seders in a row. I’m two full to think of something witty, so check out this segment Colbert did about Passover, courtesy of Brett. My favorite line: “What’s more Jewish than answering in the form of a question?”

Now that I have completed the update on my life nobody asked for, here are some links I’ve been holding on to that are worth checking out:

  • NASA released a photograph that they say is the most detailed image of Earth ever compiled. I always think space-based pictures provide a great deal of perspective, and this one is truly incredible. – Daily Mail
  • According to the Daily News, there is only one documented Jew still living in Afghanistan. Because he has no access to traditional Jewish foods or supplies (complaints?) an Afghan Jew living in Queens sends $500 worth of food to him in Afghanistan every year. Kind of cool how culture bridged such a distant and obscure connection – NY Daily News
  • A group at Cornell studied the 52 most famous images of the Last Supper dating back to 1000 AD. Incrementally (and then rapidly starting in 1500), the size of the food portrayed has grown significantly. Interesting how we project into art based on how much more food is readily available now. It wouldn’t surprise me if a new version in a few years was Super Sized and included branding. – BBC News
  • Crayola’s Law (based roughly on Moore’s Law): The number of Crayola colors doubles every 28 years. – Marginal Revolution via Boing Boing
  • A friend of mine is working on his thesis and is developing some webb apps to make transferring between social networks a much easier process. He has some interesting ideas on his blog that are worth checking out. – Wanderli.st

Finally, in light of this post’s theme, this publication would like to provide you with a friendly reminder to actually do some spring cleaning. It’s been a long winter and things tend to accumulate. For example, Lauren and I both spent last weekend cleaning and washing our cars. Neither of us had emptied our trunks in awhile, so we had a little contest to see who had more stuff. Needless to say, she won!

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  1. Glad you’re doing well! And thanks for the link:)

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