Peekaru – the baby with sleeves!

peekaru(welcome Consumerist readers!)

Are you completely over the Snuggie, ShamWow, and OxyClean (RIP), but can’t quench your thirst for ridiculous products? Do you hate that when you hold your baby in your arms, it’s still too far away to be a creepy appendage?

Well, worry no more QVC fans, because the Peekaru is here.

Essentially, the Peekaru is a fleece that allows your baby to ride on your stomach, a la kangaroo, without exposing anything besides its face. Additionally, each Peekaru is made from recycled things (hopefully not babies), so they claim that it prevents approximately 25 plastic bottles from reaching landfills (whew, not babies).

All signs point to this being hilarious, all over the internet, then disappearing in two months. The Peekaru’s inventor was not available for comment.

(Thanks Steph)


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10 responses to “Peekaru – the baby with sleeves!

  1. thefritalian

    Anytime my dear- glad I could contribute to the cause.

  2. Cute but scary. Looks like something out of “Alien”

  3. I literally shivered when I looked at that picture. Sweet Jeez.

  4. Jim

    Quade…. starrrtt the reactorrr

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  6. Mom of Four

    Or one could just put on a loose jacket and zip it up to the baby’s neck. Duh!

    Too funny!

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