Morning News Roundup

  • The NY Times dutifully reports on the 5 Pulitzer Prizes won by the NY Times – NY Times
  • Bernie Madoff made off with money. Phil Markoff offed his marks. Hugh Jackman smiles nervously. – NY Daily News
  • Twitter, WordPress execs in Iraq to help country use new media. OMG al-qda – wat r u up 2? – CNN
  • China wants people to change their last names to make them more conformist. Resistance is futile – NY Times
  • Chicago mayor Richard Daley declares Thursday “Talk Like Shakespeare Day.” May I haveth a bribe, please? – CNN
  • This is the guy that decides which letters to Obama actually reach his desk – NY Times
  • The 1st 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Competition is underway – NBC Los Angeles
  • Actor from The Sandlot arrested for domestic violence – Film Drunk

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